Field Agent Locator

Developed by Senior “Software” Engineer on Cerberus

Screenshot of version interfaceDungeonFinderInterface_15

The Field Agent Locator was the first “dungeon finder” that became available for The Secret World prior to the release of Funcom’s LFG “Looking for Group” tool. The purpose of the Field Agent Locator is to assist players in forming groups in game for various activities and initatives. One of the great advantages of using the Field Agent Locator is you can queue up for playfields from anywhere in game and be seen by other players looking to fill their groups. The cross server capabilities of FAL breaks down the server barrier. Players are no longer required to stand around in Agartha sifting through spam.

Since its original release it has grown to support 21 dungeons including all modes (Normal, Elite and Nightmare) as well as the players progression status for all nightmare dungeons. The Field Agent Locator does not stop there! It also provides support for players to queue for 8 lair boss zones, 2 battlefields (El Dorado and Stonehenge),  3 fight clubs (New York, London and Seoul), Fusang Projects warzone as well as the Manhattan Exclusion Zone raid.

On top of all these great features FAL even throws in three additional roles players can specify while queueing for a playfield (Ranged DPS, Melee DPS and Support).

Still not enough? How about the ability to take snap shots of your gear and stats to allow players to inspect your builds while you finish that quest or do some light role playing in the Horned God? The Field Agent Locator supports that too!

Installation Guide : Getting Started