Build Snapshot Manager


Developed by Senior “Software” Engineer on Cerberus

One of the unique traits of The Secret World is the support to mix and match various abilities from the skill wheel to create one of a kind characters. Trying to manage your unique combination of abilities and gear can become a daunting task. Being able to quickly switch out your characters layout while the rest of your group patiently waits for you is another story entirely.

The Build Snapshot Manager makes managing your abilities and gear a snap! With BSM players can create an unlimited number of builds and switch between them with a single click of the mouse.


To start out I will go through the basics and explain the individual pieces of the Build Snapshot Manager and how they all work together. BSM is comprised of three major components, builds, deck snapshots and gear snapshots.

To open BSM target yourself and click on your name plate. This will display a menu that will open the build manager.

Screenshot of the deck libraryBuildSnapShotManager_27Deck Snapshots can be created by equipping abilities and saving the layout to the deck library. Players can specify a name, description and role for each deck they create. At any time a player can equip a deck snapshot by selecting it from the library and clicking the “Equip” button.

Each deck snapshot displays the active and passive abilities it provides as well as the date the snapshot was created and when it was last modified.

To create a new deck snapshot first you clear out the fields by clicking “New”. Then enter the name, description, role, etc and click the “Save” button. BSM will automatically inspect your character and store your ability layout within the snapshot.

Screenshot of the gear libraryBuildSnapShotManager_28

Gear Snapshots are very similar to deck snapshots except they store layouts referencing  your characters equipped items. This includes weapons and talismons. The items you have equipped at the time the snapshot was taken is stored in your library and can be accessed at any time. Just like the deck snapshots these can be equipped simply by selecting the gear set from the library and clicking the “Equip” button.

A bonus feature with BSM is it can be set up so when gear snapshots are being equipped all the items being removed from your character will be placed in a dedicated bag. This helps keep your inventory organized. To set this up you must first create a “gear bag” from your inventory and place all gear items in the bag. When items are exchanged they will all remain in the same bag.

Screenshot of the build libraryBuildSnapShotManager_26The Build Library is the most powerful component of the three. An unlimited number of builds can be created by mixing and matching various deck and gear snapshot combinations. Through the use of builds players can equip the deck and gear snapshots it references at the same time simply by clicking the “Equip” button!

Like the snapshots, players can also give builds a name, description and role.

Builds are created by first clicking the “New” button to clear the fields. Then a name and role must be provided.  The available deck and gear snapshots the player has created previously will be listed in the drop down lists. Clicking the “Save” button will save the build to the library.

– Software

27 responses to “Build Snapshot Manager

  1. Latest patch seems to have broken the addon. Now when I access it, it just shows “undefined” and all my Builds, Decks and Gears show blank. I reloaded all of The Secret World files from a backup and the behavior was repeated.

  2. Seems that while i can save the decks and gears to the BSM, when asked to equip, it will literally swap everything i had for about 1min randomly and ended up differently from what i saved.

    not too sure if im using the latest one but i downloaded it straight from and it is updated to the latest date available ( 12 jan 2013 ) i love this mod but that swapping thing is bugging me to no end lol.

    glad someone put out a real good mod, just needs some tweaks 😉

  3. I have found that this mod does not work with TSWRP installed- is there any way that you two will work together to get the two add-ons to ‘play nice’?

  4. I’m not sure if it’s a conflict with another mod or what, but I can’t get the interface to allow me to select a role for anything, so I can’t create any snapshots.

  5. I received a message that I already had an elite passive equipped when I tried to switch between builds that I had created. Do I need to make sure that the elite abilities are in the same slot?

  6. Great Addon!
    Unfortunetly the “Bonus-Feature” which places al gear in a bag called “gear bag” (that you created and put all your gear into) dont work.
    Maybe its really just Gear.
    Because in my case it doesnt work for a Weapon that i have twice.Just other signets on each.If i switch the builds between those 2 “same” weapons it is stored in the standard inventory bag.if i switch after that to maybe a shotgun and after that again to that “wrong” stored weapon my shotgun is in the standard inventory bag as well.

    I hope you understand what i like to tell.
    I apolgize my bad english 😉


    • Hi Bashtian

      What I ment is if you create a separate bag for your gear and place all your gear items in it all of your items will stay in that bag when you equip your builds, deck and gear snapshots. BSM does not actually create a bag named “gear bag” for you.

      Also if you have two items exactly the same except for signets then it is possible that BSM might not equip the correct one. It currently does not have access to signet information. Other addon devs have been unable to access signet info on items. I will have to take a look and see if I can figure out how to do it.

      Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the feedback!

      – Software

      • Hello.

        You missunderstood a little 🙂
        I don’t thought your Addon creates a bag for me.
        I created a bag where all my Gears and Weapons are in. Your Addon equips the right things even if them are the same,except the signets.It also put the unequipped things in that selfmade bag for gear.
        Just if you switch from a build to another where 2 same weapons are in the same gearslot, it do not put the unequipped in your selfmade bag (where your Addon it has taken from) but in the “normal” inventory bag.The change itself works correct.
        That is not a very big problem but i wanted you to know it 🙂
        And i hope you now get me right.
        I could use google translator.. but ya you know “translator” 😉


        • Yes I understand what you mean now. This will happen because the equip logic will get in a deadlock if you try to equip items like this.

          For example if you currently have a pistol in your main hand and a shotgun in your offhand and you try to equip a build that has a shotgun in the main hand and a pistol in the off hand it will not be able to equip the build by just replacing the item between the inventory slots. This is caused because it is not possible to equip the same type of weapon in both hands.

          The logic works like this. First BSM tries to equip the item in your main hand. If it cannot this should mean you have the same type of weapon in your off hand. So it will try to equip the weapon that goes in your off hand. If it cannot then that should mean you have the same type of weapon in your main hand. So to get around the problem BSM will unequip your off hand weapon and place it in the next available slot in your back pack. Then it will equip your main hand and off hand weapons.

          – Software

  7. Am I missing the 8th active slot somehow? It will save and correctly equip my 8th passive, but it doesn’t even list an 8 for the active abilities

    • Its a bug. The 8th active slot is not saving to the snapshot. I will get it fixed today and get the updated version uploaded to SecretUI and Curse this evening (CST).

      I will also be fixing the bug that says you already have an elite ability equipped when switching builds.

      Please let me know if you see any other issues so I can get the fixes in tonight after work.


      – Software

  8. If this allows builds to be created without factoring in the number of available slots of Gear Management Slots that is currently in the game and costs in-game currenty to unlock, this may not be allowed in the game.

    Works great though. Wish the icons/mouse over descriptions shown in the window. Would also be nice to have the Build Library selects highlight selecting them or RIGHT CLICK to equip them.

    A drop down menu instantly accessable at anytime that shows Build Library and one click equipablility would be great as well.

    If you need a troubleshooter please let me know. I’d like to see a full on working build manager.

    • Thanks for the feedback! I have a lot more features in the pipeline for BSM. Pretty much everything you have requested is on the books already. I am also working on the ability to associate a build with a play field. When you enter a play field if you have any builds associated with it an option will be to have BSM automatically prompt you with a list of builds for you to equip.

      So for example as you approach boss’s X room you could be prompted “Would you like to equip Boss X Build”?

      I am also planning to work in a quick access menu like you mentioned and some overall cosmetic enhancements. I plan to let BSM bake for a week or so and wait for some player feedback to prioritize things.

  9. There was another add on, I believe, that allowed gear and ability management that did not require Gear Management Slots (in game purchasable slots) so you had unlimited use without having to buy the slots. If you can incorporate the number of available slots equal to the available in game Gear Management Slots that are unused, this might last.

    Works great, I like how it lets you create saves for gear and abilities separately. I do miss the fact that we could view the visual icons for the gear and abilities as well as the mouse over ability. If you could incorporate that it would be the BEST add on I’ve ever used.

    • This is just the initial beta release for this mod. I have a lot of future plans for BSM. I just did not have time to get everything in yet. I did not want to hold up the release date and plan to make some updates in the near future.

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